What is Candle Magic?

For many centuries, color candles have been used to attract desires in karma, emotions, mental state and material wealth. While effective in meditation, ceremonies or other rituals, it does not matter the candle size. What matters is the color and the meaning of that color. It drives the intention; gives power to the candle.

When candles are "dressed", intentions are placed upon them. A candle can be dressed with oils, numbers, symbols, decorations and herbs. Even certain oils and herbs have meaning. Everything has a meaning. The more vibrant the candle dressing, the more energy it possesses. Its all about intention. Setting intentions for "candle magic". Cleansed, cleared and intended by color, candles are great for meditation, manifesting emotional desires, material gain, light work, spell work and most of all, spiritual wurk!

In order to cleanse a candle, the label, if any, would have to be removed. Then, what I do is take some seat salt and sprinkle some in my hands and rub it on the candle along with some warm water. Now this is if the candle is one of the glass ones you see in this blog's image. Others can be cleanse through smudging smoke such as sage, lavender, mugwort, etc. Your intentions can be written or carved into the candle. This includes sigils, numbers, symbols, signs, etc. Whatever your intention is. For example, if your intention, is love or self love, you can write or carve a heart on the candle. I mostly use the glass ones because I like to write my intentions/petition on the candle with a permanent marker. These normally burn for 7 days or less. Good for meditating daily on my intentions, the fire will keep burning until the petition is filled. Candle magic can be relly beneficial as well as fun. It helps to keep you grounded and focused on your desires. It brings your intentions to life and your immediate reality. Remember: Thoughts ARE POWER.

Good day, beautiful Souls!!

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