The Will to 'Spin Out'

What is meant by this phrase? The will(or motivation) to 'spin out'. Well first something must be spinning. What is happening when something is spinning? Its going around and around in a circular motion doing (experiencing) the same thing after the same thing. There is nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing adventurous, nothing but the same ol' same ol', right?

Now let's switch this to people. People lack motivation. People lack the knack for change. Now wait. Many people want change, desire change, etc. However, they are reluctant to do or even (not do) what needs to be done to facilitate this change. People are comfortable living in complaint. They are comfortable wishing and hoping and hoping and wishing for something different. Many times people, based on belief systems that they have been taught, that their parents and society has taught them, stay stuck in the same circle of motion time after time. Innately, they desire something different. They even PRAY for a change. Not even realizing that TRUE CHANGE is within. Now I know many have heard this before, that change is inside.... True!! If people truly want their lives, their reality, their environment to change, THEY. HAVE. TO. CHANGE. THEMSELVES. Maybe a little, maybe completely. This may be in no way personality-wise; people do not have to change who they are. Or do they?

When you change internally, you change your mindset, your perspective, change your actions, change your goals, change your game plans, change your ways of operating, change your reactive triggers. The biggest change one can make internally is how they allow something to make them feel. Feelings are everything because feelings alone are powerful. Feelings are a manifestion of mental energy. The ALL is MIND.

So what is the "will to spin out"? The will to spin out is the self given power to change a situation, or outcome of a situation IMMEDIATELY through internal and mental change. Yes, IT IS that simple. It is a decision. Spin out, meaning, halt the continuous vicious cycle of same ole same ole. Many people don't have this will, but crave change. Fear stands in the way. Doubt stands in the way. Stress sits in the way. Trauma sits in the way. Worry stands in the way. Emotional baggage sits in the way. Low self esteem and confidence sits in the way. And letting go, per say, is hard to do. It is. But with work and determination turned inwards goes a long way, just like its counterpart. No kidding, like immediate changes. See nothing or no one teaches this "hard work" ethic inwards. Its always, work hard, and you'll receive your external reward. All the while your internal reward sits on a rusty dusty shelf never receiving acknowledgement of even being there. Humans are TAUGHT these things. So, therefore, humans need be TAUGHT otherwise. BUT ☝🏾. But. The lesson must be received with open mind, open heart, open ears and open eye. 👁 And. This lesson CAN and WILL show in many different ways, opportunities, situations, journeys, words, etc.

Those that have an ear to listen, an eye to see and a heart to discern, DO. This be thy prayer.

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