The Effects Of Essential Oils

Hey, beautiful Souls! Hope this blog finds you well and elevating. I just wanted to write a bit about essential oils. Most everyone knows the true benefits of essential oils if you've ever used them in any kind of way. They are used to make cosmetics, add beautiful scents to beauty products as well as used in bath items. Their biggest purpose is for aromatherapy. Just smelling or wearing a particular essential oil can change your entire mindset in a moment. I am a true witness of that. That's the main reason I began working with essential oils in the first place.

The effects they have on the neurological system is nothing short of amazing. For example, lavender is perfect for calming the mind, promoting clarity and sleep.

A personal experience I had with this little anxiety issue I was dealing with. I began to do research on natural ways to calm down and came across an article similar to this one I'm writing. It explained how essential oils can actually lead to a happier life; or better yet perspective of a current situation. See, the mind is tricky at times and you have to adhere to your thoughts and where and why they resonate if they're negative. Of course, THAT alone is a whole 'nother article and subject within itself.

But back to essential oils. All scents carry magical power. Whether its patchouli for grounding or frankincense for divine connection and mental clarity, essential oils can be used for all purposes of emotional and psychological health. Just a sniff of ylang ylang oil can increase love hormones within the body. Bathing in salt that has been mixed with peppermint oil or eucalyptus can spiritually clear negative energy from around you and your spiritual environment. For these reasons, I have chosen a work centered on essential oils.

They can be mixed with each other to increase certain intentions as well. Essential oils can be used for skin care purposes also. Cedarwood heals and protects the skin from harmful substances and provides a shield for the skin. They can be put in diffusers as purifying agents or poured directly into bath water. There are so many uses for essential oils when it comes to healing, protecting, promoting and purifying a certain energy intention. Its all about intention.

Essential oils will always be a big part of what I do as a healer, spiritual creator and herbalist. Perhaps, this article was indeed helpful on your overstanding of how essential oils can really change a life. Peace n Love


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