Raising the Frequecy

As we may or may not know atm, we all have an electromagnetic frequency in which we operate. In a sense we are all human radios. We can tune in to certain stations and frequencies just like real physical radios do. Change the station, go up, down, skip stations; every single one of us are capable of doing the same. Sometimes, its difficult and other times it easier because our souls know what's needed. Well, our souls always know what's needed, but at times its easily accepted by our conscious minds. In some cases we may be too distracted or bombarded with other vibrations and frequencies in order to attend to our own. This creates a sense of imbalance within our vehicles. We may become saddened, depressed, overactive in some areas or mentally out of focus. It is of the utmost important right now to be focused on our personal journeys and vibrations, daily. While the world is shifting around us, in some ways we may not even understand to innerstand and overstand, it is of equal importance that we shift within as well. If this does not happen when needed, there will be inner conflict that causes outward struggle. In a lot of situations, we don't initiate this struggle. We may feel that others are to blame or others' energy is off. While sometimes true, it is who, what and how we are within that projects who, what and how we are on the outside as well as who and how we attract external energy; others' energy. So, the question is: What to do when we need to raise our Frequency

in order to truly attract that in which we desire?

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