How to take a Spiritual bath

Greetings light beings! Hope your energy is full of Peace & Love.

When I first began my journey of spiritualism, I had no idea what spiritual baths were or that they even existed. I used to soak in a tub for relaxation or stress relief with lavender bubble bath and fizz balls. This was a form of spiritual bathing and I didn’t even know it! I would close my eyes, take deep breaths and just enjoy how the hot water felt on my skin and how calming the lavender scent was to my spirit. This rejuvenated me! It renewed my spirit and allowed my mind and body to relax. When I found out that oils, herbs and gemstones could be a part of bathing, I was ecstatic. Every herb AND oil has its own individual energy; as well as the gemstones. For example, basil is good for love, banishing negativity and money intentions. Sprinkling some basil for your spiritual bath with any one of these intentions will attract these things into your environment.

A spiritual bath is a form of cleansing the spirit. It cleanses your physical aura, draws out unwanted energy and replenishes the spirit with those of your intention. Be mindful of what you choose to put into your water. Remember its all about your intention. Spiritual baths can be taken for love, peace, attraction, material gains, pgysical manifestations and general spiritual cleansing.

How to Take a Spiritual Bath

First things first, your spiritual area must be cleaned and organized. I like to remove everything from my counter top and tub area so that it is clear. It helps with the setting of the environment. “Cleanliness is next to godliness” is very much true indeed. Or for my Queens, “goddessness”. My spirit always has me to do a full deep clean of my bathroom within a week before the New Moon. Sometimes it happens like clock-work. Even when I’m not keeping up with what day the New Moon is going to be, I get a sudden urge within a week of it to deep clean my bathroom. Kind of funny and amazing to me, but our souls are always in alignment with what we need.

What you can use for your spiritual bath is minerals such as sea salt, pink himylayan salt, or epsom salt for cleansing purposes, a chemical or oils such as essential oils, herbs, flowers, incense, favorite or intended crystals, or candles of your intented colors(See blog :What is candle magic?"). There is no limit or less to what you can add to your water. Remember, this is for YOU and what your spirit needs. Be sure to be in tune. Open your mind and your thoughts. Allow your spirit to guide you. Listen to it. Minerals such as sea salt and Epsom salt are great for spiritual baths, they cleanse the physical aura as well as soothe and relax the body. I personally like to use essentials oils for my baths. You can use alcohol or witch hazel for this part too. Lavender, Cypress, Patchouli and Sandalwood oils all carry amazing energy. Herbs such as bay leaves, basil and clove are all good to add to your spiritual bath as well. What is being done is creating your personal environment desire. Spiritual baths for money or material gain can be done as well. As stated before, it’s all in what YOU want.

When I take my spiritual baths, I take them once a month on the day of the New Moon. This is the time for everything new: new beginnings, new attitudes, new environments, new intentions and so forth. The New Moon is a time to sow seeds of whatever it is you want to change, continue or manifest in your life. A little extra tip: I like to gather rain water during a storm or rainy day before-hand, infuse it with my favorite essential oil and allow it to sit on or near my alter. I catch it in a simple bucket from the nearest dollar store; or small trash bin. Rain water carries such intense energy. It adds to the rejuvenation of your spirit.

What To Do

Start by running a bath ¾ way to the top of the tub. I like to add the salt(s) first and allow them to dissolve. Then I add my herbs. Next, I add in my oils and then the rain water. With each ingredient, I say aloud what it is and what it is for. For example: “With this basil, I invoke the energy of money or material wealth.” This puts your intentions into the atmosphere. At this point, you are literally creating your own magic: energy. Once all your ingredients are added, take a moment to breathe deep and meditate on the moment. Feel the energy of your actions. You can do this while lighting your candle(s).

Now that your bath is ready, you will remove your clothes and step in and submerge your body. Remember to have had your physical bath already. Your body should be clean. Sit. Meditate. Sing hymns. Chant mantras. Whatever your soul leads you to do. Meditate on your intentions. Visualize them. Study them in your mind. Visualize a bright white light infusing your water with you in it with everything you want from this experience. It is done. Once you are done, you can let out your water. I normally let all my ingredients go down the drain if they are small enough and scrape up anything left afterwards. If not I use a strainer to remove big items such as flowers; disposing them in the garbage, I say “thank you for allowing me to harvest your energy. May you return to the universe to be recycled for love, light and peace once again or whatever purpose deems you fit”. Of course, it doesn’t have to be verbatim as such; create your own act of gratefulness. It makes it more magical and powerful.

Extra tip: I keep a bucket near the tub so at the end I can fill it wiith the bath water and pour it over my head 5 times before finishing my spiritual bath. 5 representing the 5 elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Spirit & Water. 5 also symbolizes change and transformation.

Thank you so very much for reading. I hope that you have been enlightened.


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