Hey beautiful Souls!!!

It's me again. Let's jump right in.

Wow!! Just. WOW. As we close out this Western hemisphere year, we all look back and say goodbye as well as good riddance. For some people, this year has been horrible. It has been trying and hard. It has been a year of transformation and eye opening. For some, it has been triumphant and rewarding. Most people were forced to dig deep within themselves to become the butterfly that they were always meant to be. Most of us opened up businesses, became entrepreneurs or harvested in a venture we were already feeding. What can you look back on about 20/20? Most of us attained the 20/20 vision we always needed to see things for what they always were. Most of us were broken, only to be left alone to pick up the pieces by ourselves. We learned how to love. Most of all we learned how to love ourselves. We learned peace. Peace of mind. Peace of soul. Heart. Faith. Diligence. Determination. Power. Strength. And possibly most of all, healing. As every other double digit year in history, 2020 will be remembered. Whether it will be remembered for positive aspects or negative, 2020 has taught us all something. With the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter happening this year as well, we can begin to embark on something magical. Magical within as well as out. The energy pouring into the planet right now is heavy, much, ever flowing, and rewarding. Those of us that have been continuously working on our spiritual selves, our souls, and elevation are receiving our personal capabilities and power. Ambition and motivation is through the roof. There is no losing. We are winning. Winning at whatever we put our thoughts to and that. Is key. Farewell to 2020. Time. Space. Will eventually be non-existent. Those of us who overstand, know exactly what I mean. Namaste.

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