7 Main Chakras(Energy centers of the body)

As you may know or not, everything in the universe is energy. The planets, the stars, plants and most certainly, our bodies. Every living thing is made up of a life force that drives it. In the human body, there are energy centers that move inside it; 7 main energy centers. The 7 chakras.

The word chakra translates to wheel in old Sanskrit. Simply because the force of life within you spins and rotates like a wheel. The 7 main centers of energy, or chakras, start at the bottom of the spine and moves all the way up to the top of the head. Each of a balanced, healthy person's 7 main chakras delivers the exact right amount of energy to the mind, body and the spirit. On the other end, if a chakra energy centers is blocked or too open, a person’s health can be in danger; especially his/her mental health and state. Becoming in tuned with your 7 chakras can enable you to notice when one or more of your body’s natural energy cycles are out of whack. And learning about your 7 chakras can also enable you to connect with your spiritual, emotional and physical imbalances as a means of living a more harmonious and healthy lifestyle.

As you learn about the 7 chakras, even now you can begin to tune in and see if you can feel them at work. Its all energy. You can start by taking deep breaths in a quiet place and putting your focus on your body. Allow any stress or tension to slowly slip away. Visualize yourself in the middle of a forest, on a secluded beach or in your favorite place of serenity. One by one, tune your attention from the base of your spine all the way up to the top of your head. Once you get familiar with your energy centers, you will be able to visualize the corresponding colors as bright lights, spinning wheels along your chakra areas. It will be possible to sense the energy inside slightly, very much or not a bit. May seem a little different at first if you’re just beginning, but just go with the natural flow of your body and all will be well. Either way, all IS well.

The 7 main chakras have specific names, meanings, symbols, colors and locations of each. It may sound a little complicated at first, but it is in fact simple once you become familiar with them. Each energy center has a specific purpose as well. The following paragraphs list each main chakra, healing of and symptoms of an energy center that has balance or an imbalance to it. We will start from the bottom, the first chakra, and work our way to the top, the seventh chakra. Ok, let’s go.

#1 – Root Chakra – Red

*Base of your spine to right under belly button

*Connecting with the Earth, survival, emotional and financial security

*Balanced notes a sense of peace and accomplishment in money, shelter and safety

*Imbalanced notes anxiety, jitters, digestive problems, lower back problems, ovarian or prostate issues

*Being out in nature, swimming, working with plants, meditating with concentration on root chakra helps an imbalanced one

LAM is the mantra to chant.

#2 – Sacral Chakra – Orange

*Belly button area to its center

*Enables the enjoyment of life, enjoy pleasures such as sex, creative activities, great food

*Balanced allows you to enjoy all these things with great inspiration and wellness

*Imbalanced symptoms include gluttony, addiction, restlessness, obesity, hormonal

*Enjoy life and its simplicity, create a work of art, healthy eating, having enjoyable sex, treat yourself

VAM is the mantra to chant.

#3 – Solar Plexus – Yellow

* Top of belly button to breastbone, personal power, confidence in self, identity, wisdom

*Balanced is a feeling of wisdom and clarity in truth

*Imbalanced is quick anger, controlling, greed, lack of compassion, digestive issues, indecisiveness

*Open heart to love, focus on positive abilities and talents, create positive affirmations of self

RAM is the mantra to chant.

#4 - Heart Chakra - Green

*Right above heart area up to throat, down breastplate area

*Empowerment of compassion, love, kindness, self-love, love for others equally

*Imbalanced notes personal boundary issues, unhealthy choices in the name of “love”, heart burn, relationship issues, trust issues

*Balanced notes balancing time for others and self, meditating, bubble bath, hanging with friends

*Love yourself genuinely, have compassion for others, appreciate yourself and others, self-love comes first, then can spread that to others in a healthy way

YAM is the mantra to chant.

#5 – Throat – Blue

*Between collar bone up to center of eyes, down to heart’s center

*Ability to voice and speak clearly from a perspective of love and understanding, truth, communication

*Imbalanced symptoms include loud talkers based on inadequate confidence, over talker, interrupts others often, throat pain, cavities, mouth ulcers

*Thinking before speaking, speaking truth, healthy emotional expression

HAM is the mantra to chant.

#6 – Third Eye Chakra (Brow) – Indigo

*Between eyebrows, feel balance between physical and material world, psychic information can be received, beginning of spiritual development

*Imbalanced notes difficulty in ability to receive info outside of physical reality, indulgence in activities such as tarot, astrology, experiences with the paranormal, these allow distraction from normal human living life

*Visiting the beach, enjoying things of the Earth, gardening, meditation

OM is the mantra to chant.

#7 – Crown – Violet

*Top of the head, down to the center of eyes, upward and outward infinitely

*Consciousness energy, a connection between us and the universe, universal energy

*Balanced is a goal of all spiritual beings, not easy, achieving nirvana, attempting this achievement brings joy and happiness, wisdom and good health

*Attempting to balance this chakra will balance other chakras, balance, imbalance is impossible as the energy is infinite, meditating and connecting with Spirit, enjoying the human experience

AUM or AH is the mantra to chant.

I have received some true oneness and balance chanting these mantras with the intention of balancing and clearing my energy centers. Be well, beautiful Souls!


Thank you for reading.


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